We engage with our Advisory Board to create an event that will address fundamental issues for the marine insurance sector from the asia region and build an agenda featuring the industry’s leading figures, including shippers, laywers and technology solutions providers. Our mission is to bring the key stakeholders in the marine insurance community from the asia together on a platform where they can freely debate the way their industry is evolving. If you are interested in speaking in 2021, please do not hesitate to contact or call +44 (0)7702 835 831.



All Times in Singapore Time (SGT)


Wednesday 21st April 



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Welcome Address

Presenter: Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Keynote Address: Topic TBC


Presenter: Rolf Thore Roppestad, Chief Executive Officer, Gard AS


Keynote Address: Multi Stakeholder Collaboration


Presenter: Kitack Lim, Secretary General, International Maritime Organisation


Panel Discussion: Keeping the Crew Safe and Healthy

With an estimated 400,000 seafarers (many from Asia) stranded on their ships in December 2020 and unable to be repatriated because of Covid-19, it is any wonder that crew wellbeing has shot to the top of the agenda for many? Suicide rates have escalated and for many crew unable to join ships, they have been forced to change career paths to find much-needed work. Solutions to the crisis include working with governments to prioritise seafarers and a global network of crew change hubs, as well as the Neptune Declaration, signed by hundreds of shipping entities with the promise to address the key problems. This session looks at the scale of the problem and efforts to alleviate the plight of seafarers across Asia.

Moderator: Kunal Pathak, Loss Prevention Manager Asia, Gard Singapore

Speakers: Chirag Bahri, Director of Regions, International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN)

Dr. Rachel Glynn-Williams, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Qwest Maritime/Recall Recover Chris Hall, Managing Director, Hong Kong, SCB Management Consulting Services for the Managers of the American P&I Club

Kenneth Lim, Assistant Chief Executive (Industry), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

Nicola Mason, Senior Vice President, Deputy Head, Skuld Hong Kong and Responsible Officer, Skuld (Far East) Ltd


Networking Session

During this time, a managed peer-to-peer networking session will take place.


Panel Discussion: Enabling a Sustainable Industry

Back in December 2020, the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) launched an updated Roadmap to a Sustainable Shipping Industry, stressing that there is a clear need to reshape the way all shipping, including Asian interests, operates. From a changing climate and the need for rapid decarbonisation by 2050, to increased scrutiny and pressure from investors, lenders and other financial stakeholders to improve sustainability performance, and to the labour and human rights risks faced by seafarers worldwide, this session will explore how the Asian shipping sector is changing and highlight the changes to come.


Speakers: Capt.Simon Bennett, General Manager – Sustainable Development, SWIRE, The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd

Live Jacob Sydness, Vice President, Sustainable Business, Gard AS

Johan Munir, Global Director, Corporate Strategy and Planning, AET Tankers Pte Ltd


Roundtable Sessions and End of Day One



Thursday 22nd April 



Delegates Join Online Meeting Using Credentials Provided at Registration


Welcome Address

Presenter: Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events



Keynote Address: Digitalisation: Leading Marine Insurance Practitioners Accelerate Transformation

A growing number of insurers, P&I clubs and brokers are adopting machine learning and AI to digitise their marine hull and cargo insurance operations. Find out how the latest digital tools are helping organisations to improve compliance, operational efficiency, optimise portfolios and uncover new revenue streams.

Presenter: Mike Davies, Client Development Director, Asia Pacific, Concirrus


Panel Discussion: Market Dynamics – A Hard Year for Everyone?

2020 was the year in which many insurance markets around the world pushed hard for rate increases to achieve sustainability in their books of business. The Asian marine market was no different. This session explores how the renewals have panned out and whether insurers have achieved a better balance between premium costs and claims payments. It also considers

whether the pandemic has hindered business development and how the insurance sector has been able to sustain its workforce in terms of training, mentoring and recruitment.


Speakers: Tom Hellebø, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore, Edge Group

Ju-Ann Lee, Head of Marine – Asia, Berkley Insurance Asia

Tom Shinya, Deputy General Manager, Tokio Marine (Japan)

Michael Walls, Managing Director, Marsh JLT Specialty


Networking Session

During this time, a managed peer-to-peer networking session will take place.


Presentation: Global Trade Patterns – Smooth Sailing in Choppy Waters

The cost of shipping goods from China to Europe more than quadrupled in the first eight weeks of 2021.Shipping a 40-foot container from Asia to northern Europe is reported to have increased from about $2,000 in November to more than $9,000, as western demand for Asian-made goods rebounded in the second half of 2020. By contrast, the cost of shipping from China to the US has plateaued since October after the Chinese government asked shipping companies to cap their rates. This session reviews the emerging global trading patterns as Covid-19 continues to disrupt the markets.

Presenter: Benedikt Rauch, Economist, Munich Re


Presentation: Piracy – Guarding the Rails

2020 saw a year-on-year increase in global piracy, with a record 130 crew kidnapped in the Gulf of Guinea and a continuing rising trend of armed robberies against vessels in the Singapore Strait. Amid increasing calls for government action, shipping companies are adding their voice to concerns that not enough is being done to keep seafarers safe. This session looks at the scale of the problem in Asian waters, the reasons behind the increasing risks and what can be done to protect vessels and crew.

Presenter: Dimitris Seirinakis, Managing Director, SCB Management Consulting (China) Co, Ltd


Panel Discussion: Geopolitics and Sanctions – Time for Change?

With a new man in the White House, experts are predicting changes to come in the political map of the world, with plenty of implications for Asia and Asian trade. Alongside the new wind sweeping in, sanctions continue to be imposed on ‘miscreants’ from across the region. This session looks at the geopolitical influences for 2021 and at the changing nature of sanctions across the region.


Speakers: Andrew Meadows, Vice President, Head of FDD, Skuld Hong Kong

Ben Chandler, Senior Claims Executive, Standard Club Asia

Mark Church, Director (FD&D) and Head of Sustainability, North of England P&I Club

Marc Duck, Associate Director Marine, Cargo & Stock Throughput, Howden Specialty


Roundtable Sessions and End of Day Two



Friday 23rd April



Delegates Join Online Meeting Using Credentials Provided at Registration


Welcome Address

Presenter: Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Panel Discussion: Managing the Cargo Flow

The World Shipping Council reports that an average 1,380 containers have been lost overboard each year since 2008. While the number seems small, much more can be done to reduce those losses still further. At the same time, changing regulations on top of the Covid-19 pandemic have caused major disruption to the flow of cargo around the world. Asia has borne the brunt of many of the losses and upheaval, as this session explores.


Speakers: Jacob Damgaard, Loss Prevention Manager, Britannia P&I

Michel Muganza, Head of Marine Cargo, Asia Pacific, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Jonathan Ranger, Head of Marine APAC, AIG 


Networking Session

During this time, a managed peer-to-peer networking session will take place.



Panel Discussion: Prevention Is Better than Cure

Risk management has come of age in the past decade as shipping companies across the world recognise the importance of minimising losses wherever possible. Even the Covid-19 pandemic has failed to dampen the desire to improve loss safety records and to minimise all forms of shipping losses. This session looks at the pattern of losses across Asia and at the initiatives being put in place to change that picture.


Speakers: Matt Cannock, Managing Director – Asia Pacific, MatthewsDaniel

Snorre Halvorsen, Senior Advisor, Loss Prevention and Emergency Response, Norwegian Hull Club

Jarek Klimczak, Master Mariner, Senior Risk Consultant APAC Marine, AXA XL Risk Consulting

Tony Betteridge, Head of Marine, Asia, Munich Re Syndicate



Panel Discussion: Claims Trends in Asia

Large shipping losses declined by more than 40% in 2018 and by more than 20% in 2019, according to the annual Allianz Shipping Loss Survey. The bad news is that the number of shipping incidents overall is up, as is the number of claims from navigation and machinery issues. As this session explores and as Allianz reports, “Big claims happen and that is why we have insurance, but it’s the little losses that eat your lunch.”


Speakers: Cedric Declercq,APAC Practice Leader and Claims Manager Specialty Lines, AXA XL 

David Lim, Chief Executive Officer – Retail, Singapore, Head of Marine, Asia Pacific, Ed Broking

Masamichi Yokoyama, Senior Claims Manager, Gard Tokyo

Surani de Mel, Claims Manager, Singapore, The Shipowners’ Club

Punit Oza, Executive Director, Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration


Roundtable Sessions and End of Conference