Company Job Title
Cambiao Risso Asia Account Manager
OneOcean Maritime Solution Area Sales Manager
LR OneOcean Area Sales Manager
LR OneOcean Area Sales Manager
BELFOR Restoration Services Pte Ltd  Asia Complex Loss Director
TMC Marine Asia Pacific Director of Operations
Soechi Lines Asset Management
CMA CGM Assistant Claims Manager
CMA CGM Assistant Manager
QBE Assistant Manager – Marine Claims
IMC Industrial Assistant Manager, Placement
Equatorial Marine Fuel Managment Services Assistant Shipping Manager
Liberty Specialty Markets Assistant Underwriter – Marine
Liberty Specialty Markets Assistant Underwriter – Marine
HDI Global SE Singapore Assistant Underwriter, Marine
Marsh Assistant Vice President
Clyde & Co Associate
Clyde & Co Associate
Marsh Associate
Clyde & Co Associate
Penningtons Manches Cooper Associate
Marsh Associate
Howden Associate Director
W K Webster (International) Associate Director
Howden Associate Director
Aon Associate Director
London P&I Club Associate Director
London P&I Club Associate Director and Deputy General Manager (HK Office)
Howden Associate Director, Marine, Cargo & Logistics
Liberty Specialty Markets AVP
Georg Duncker (GDIBA LP) Broker
Gold Hyacinth Devel­op­ment Pte Ltd Business Development Executive 
SeaQuest Intermediaries Business Development Manager & Underwriter
Shipowners’ P&I Club Business Relations Medisea
United Maritime Business Sustainability Officer
Marsh Cargo leader, Singapore
Shipowners’ P&I Club Casualty Consultant
Baker Technology Limited CEO
Spring Ship Management CEO
The Britannia Group CEO
Shipowners’ P&I Club CEO
Margetis Maritime CEO
ShipIn Systems CEO & Founder
West of England P&I CEO (Singapore)
Matrix Maritime Services CEO/Founder
Singapore Shipping Association Chairman, Legal and Insurance Committee
Surya Nautika Chartering Manager
NorthStandard Chief Claims Officer
Gold Hyacinth Devel­op­ment Pte Ltd Chief Corporate Officer
Concirrus Chief Executive Officer
International Group of P&I Clubs Chief Executive Officer
Gard Chief Executive Officer – Singapore
Sun Underwriting Marine Chief Marine Underwriter
Purus Tech Chief Operations Officer
QBE Claim Associate
QBE Claim Associate
Howden claims
QBE Claims Analyst
NorthStandard Claims Director
NorthStandard Claims Director
Shipowners’ P&I Club Claims Executive
Gard Claims Executive
Cambiao Risso Asia Claims Executive
NorthStandard Claims Executive
QBE Claims handler
West of England P&I Club Claims Handler
West of England P&I Club Claims Handler
Cambiaso Risso Asia Claims Manager
CMA CGM Claims Manager
Liberty Specialty Markets Claims Manager, Marine – Asia
Marine Masters
Commercial Account Manager 
Nathalin Shipping Commercial Manager
Shipowners’ P&I Club Commercial Manager, Asia
Solstad Offshore Asia Pacific Commercial Manager/ Director
FPG AIM Consultant
brand MARINE CONSULTANTS (SG) Consultant (Naval Architect)
QBE Country Lead, Hull and Liability, Marine
Concirrus CTO
Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. & IUMI Deputy General Manager, Marine Underwriting Dept, Cargo Underwriting Group and Manager
AIG Deputy Head of Marine Product Center 
Shipowners’ P&I Club Deputy Manager Claims
Culmen International Deputy Program Manager
NorthStandard Deputy Underwriter
NorthStandard  Deputy Underwriter – Asia Pacific
Sun Underwriting Marine Development Officer
Iseaco Investment DGM
Trans-Power Director
Georg Duncker (GDIBA LP) Director
Asian Eternal Shipping Pte Ltd Director
Howden Director
Lloyd’s Register Director
Adonia Offshore Consultants Director
KM Terminal and Logistics Director
Britannia P&I Club Director – Head of Loss Prevention
Minton, Treharne & Davies Ltd Director & Consultant Chemist
Britannia P&I Club Director (Asia)
Brookes Bell Pte Ltd Director of Asia, Marine Engineer
Britannia P&I Club Director P&I Claims
Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) Director Risk Assessment
Aon Director, Reinsurance (SBC)
Howden Divisional Director, Marine, Cargo & Logistics
ONE Executive
QBE Executive
Gold Hyacinth Development Executive
QBE Executive
Gold Hyacinth Devel­op­ment Pte Ltd Executive
Howden Executive Director, Marine – Asia Pacific
QBE Executive, P&I
Kaizen Ship Management Fleet Manager
Hai Soon Ship Management Fleet Manager / DPA / CSO
Tata NYK Shipping General Counsel
SMT Shipping General Counsel 
Resolve Marine General Manager
Ocean Capital Management Consultancy  General Manager 
Norstar Shipping (Asia) General Manager- Commercial
Kuok Singapore General Manager, Insurance
Orient Marine Co. GM
Orient Marine Co. GM
ONE Singapore GM Ops
Swire Shipping GM Tonnage
Samudera Shipping Line Group Business Operations
X-Press Feeders Group General Counsel – Legal, Claims and Insurance
Skuld Singapore Head and Senior Vice President
Swiss Re Asia Head Marine and Aviation Reinsurance Asia Pacific – Director
Compass Maritime Insurance Head of Accident and Health
West of England P&I Head of Asia and Corporate Director
NorthStandard Head of Asia Pacific
Aon Head of Asia, Marine & Energy Treaty
BMT Head of Casualty Investigation, Asia Principal Surveyor
West of England P&I Club Head of Claims
Tata NYK Shipping Head of Commercial
NorthStandard Head of External Affairs
Golden Agri International Head of Insurance
Kuok Maritime Group Head of Legal
AXA XL Head of Life, Accident and Health
NorthStandard Head of Loss Prevention Asia Pacific
Gallagher Head of Marine
Marsh Head of Marine
Zurich (Singapore Branch) Head of Marine
A P Moller Maersk A/S Head of Marine Claims
Aon Head of Marine Liability, Asia
Aon Head of Marine, Asia
HM Treasury, Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation Head of Monitoring and International – Oil Price Cap and Trusts Sanctions Implementation Unit
Kim Heng Marine & Oilfield Head of Offshore Chartering
SDTR Marine Head of Operations
NorthStandard Head of South-East Asia Pacific
NorthStandard Head of Specialty Claims – Asia Pacific, P&I Claims Director – Asia Pacific, North Asia Pacific Lead
HM Treasury, Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation Head of the OFSI Oil Price Cap and Trust Sanctions Implementation Unit (OPC&T)
Tata NYK Shipping Head Procurement
Raffles Tankers  Head, Legal and Compliance
Tian San Shipping (Private) HR & Admin Executive 
United Maritime HR/Admin Executive
Penguin International HSE
Bw group Insurance Manager
Gard Lawyer
Kennedys Legal Solutions Lawyer
Pacific Commerce (Holdings) Legal & Insurance Specialist
Western Bulk Legal Counsel
Purus Tech Legal Counsel
QBE Legal Counsel
Surya Nautika Legal Counsel
CMA CGM Legal Counsel
KST Maritime Legal Counsel
Clyde & Co Clasis Singapore Legal Director
Clyde & Co Clasis Singapore Legal Director
Shipowners’ P&I Club Loss Prevention Executive
Insurans Islam TAIB General Takaful Manager
TM Claims Service Asia Manager
Cosmos Marine Surveyors & Consultants Co. Manager
Howden Manager
Asian Eternal Shipping Pte Ltd Manager
Lockton Companies (Singapore) Manager
QBE Manager
Safesea Group Manager
Tata NYK Shipping Manager – Post Fixture
United Maritime Manager (Business Unit)
CMA CGM Manager Claims, Insurance 
CMA CGM Manager, Claims and Insurance
WE Underwriting Managing Director
GEOMAR Co. Managing Director
ABO Singapore Managing Director
V.Scope Risk Management Managing Director
Cambiaso Risso Asia Managing Director
Coastal Marine Asia Holdings Managing Director
V.Scope (Germany) Managing Director
LR Maritime Decarbonisation Hub Managing Director
Sea & Gao Managing Director
Wallem Managing Director, Commercial Services
Marsh Marine Cargo Logistics Leader – Asia, Managing Director
AIG Marine Chief Underwriter Japan 
Minton Treharne & Davies Marine Consultant
Teekay Marine Insurance and Claims Manager
Wan Hai Lines Marine Manager
Starr International Insurance Marine Manager Southeast Asia
Thenamaris Singapore Marine Operations Superintendent
Marsh Marine Practice
Aon Reinsurance Marine Practice Leader, APAC
AIG Marine Underwriter
Sun Underwriting Marine Marine Underwriter
AIG Marine Underwriter
QBE Marine Underwriter
Starr International Insurance Marine Underwriter Southeast Asia
HDI Global SE Singapore Marine Underwriting Manager
Waves Group Maritime Civil Engineer
Esenyel Partners, Lawyers & Consultants Maritime Consultant
United Maritime Marketing Director
NorthStandard  Marketing Executive – Asia Pacific
Marsh Marsh Associate
Marsh (Singapore) Pte Ltd Marsh Associate
TMC Marine Master Mariner
Samudera Shipping Line MD, Head of Finance
Shipowners’ P&I Club Medisea Liaison Officer
Insurans Islam TAIB General Takaful Officer
SCOR Reinsurance APAC SE Offshore Renewable Underwriter
HM Treasury, Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation Oil Price Cap Senior Analyst in OFSI Oil Price Cap and Trust Sanctions Implementation Unit
Tata NYK Shipping Operations
Raffles Tankers  Operations Manager
Transcenden Global Operations Manager
United Fuel Trading Operations Manager
MatthewsDaniel Operations Manager – Marine Claims
BTS Tankers Operations; Agency Manager
QBE P&I Business Development Manager
NorthStandard P&I Claims Director – Asia Pacific, South-East Asia Lead
ABL Energy and Marine Consultants P&I Manager
Clyde & Co Partner
RPC Premier Law Partner
Kennedys Legal Solutions Partner
HFW Partner
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP Partner
Thynne & Macartney Partner
Esenyel Partners, Lawyers & Consultants Partner Lawyer
Commodity Trading Club Partnership Manager
Hawkins & Associates  Principal Associate
Hawkins & Associates  Principal Associate
ITG STS Project Superintendent 
Aon  Regional Director – Marine, Asia; Commercial Risk Solutions
Aon Regional Director, Cargo and Logistics, Asia
Shipowners’ P&I Club Regional Head – Business Relations
West of England P&I Regional Head of Underwriting
Marsh Regional Marine Claims Leader
Lloyd’s Register Regional Maritime Commercial Markets Manager, SAMEA
ABL Regional Maritime Director (APAC)
Singapore Marine Logistics Risk Advisor
Swire Bulk Risk Analyst
Swire Bulk Risk Analyst
Swire Bulk Risk Analyst
Swire Shipping Risk and Insurance Manager
Swire Bulk Risk Intern
OneOcean Maritime Solutions Sales Support & Commercial Admin
RPC Premier Law Senior Associate
Hawkins & Associates  Senior Associate
HDI Global SE Singapore Senior Claims Adjuster
Gard Senior Claims Adviser – Asia
Marsh Senior Claims Consultant, Marine, Cargo & Logistics
Shipowners’ P&I Club Senior Claims Executive
QBE Senior Claims Executive 
West of England P&I Club Senior Claims Manager, Lawyer
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Senior Claims Specialist – Marine Hull – Asia
Marsh Senior Consultant
Rio Tinto Senior Corporate Counsel
IMC Industrial Senior Executive
Sumec Ocean Transportation Senior Insurance Executive
Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub Senior Lead on Green Initiatives
IMC Industrial Senior Manager
BW Epic Kosan Ltd Senior Manager, Debt Finance & Risk
ST Engineering Marine Senior Manager, Insurance
Thomas Miller Specialty (Singapore) Senior Marine & Energy Underwriter
Ark Underwriting Senior Marine and Energy Liability Underwriter
BELFOR Restoration Services Pte Ltd  Senior Recovery Specialist
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Senior Risk Consultant – Marine Risk Consulting Asia-Pacific
NorthStandard Senior Solicitor – External Affairs
Evdemon Partners Senior Surveyor/Senior Partner
Gard Senior Underwriter
London P&I Club Senior Underwriter
QBE Senior Underwriter
Gard Senior Underwriter
QBE Senior Underwriter
Liberty Specialty Markets Senior Underwriter & Risk Engineer, Marine
AIG Senior Underwriter Marine
QBE Senior Underwriter, Hull and Liability, Marine
Shipowners’ Club Senior Underwriting Assistant
Shipowners’ Club Senior Underwriting Asst
Guy Carpenter Senior Vice President
OneOcean Maritime Solutions Senior Vice President APAC
Marsh Senior Vice President, Marine, Cargo and Logistics – Asia
Marint Offshore Shipbroker
Culmen International Speaker
Sumec Ocean Transportation SR Operations Manager 
Evdemon Partners Surveyor in Charge
Lockton MENA Limited SVP, Marine Specialty
Gard Team Leader
AngloEastern Ship Mgmt Singapore Technical Director
Culmen International Training SME/Interpreter
QBE Underwriter
NorthStandard  Underwriter
Britannia P&I Club Underwriter
AIG Underwriter
Shipowners’ P&I Club Underwriter
QBE Underwriter
AIG Underwriter
AIG Underwriter
Shipowners’ P&I Club Underwriter
QBE Underwriter
Northstandard Underwriter
AIG Underwriter
Liberty Specialty Markets Underwriter
West P&I Club Underwriter
Gard  Underwriter 
QBE Underwriter 
Shipowners’ P&I Club Underwriter 
Gard Underwriter 
British Marine Underwriter, P&I
Shipowners’ P&I Club Underwriting assistant
AIG Underwriting Assistant
QBE Underwriting Assistant
NorthStandard  Underwriting Executive
AIG  Underwriting Manager
Shipowners’ P&I Club Underwriting Manager
Shipowners’ P&I Club Underwrtier
US Navy US Navy Liaison Officer to IFC-IOR
Petrobras Vessel Executive Operations
Petrobras Vessel Operations Executive
Marsh Vice President
Marsh Vice President
Marsh Vice President
Guy Carpenter Vice President
Marsh Vice President, Cargo, Marsh Specialty Asia
Guy Carpenter Vice President, Global Marine, Energy & Technical Lines Specialty
Marsh Vice President, Marine Practice
Marsh (Singapore) Vice-President