27th April 2023, Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore



Registration and Coffee in the Pre-Function Area


PLENARY – Atrium Ballroom


Welcome Address: Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Keynote Address: Staying Focused in a Fragmented World

Maintaining focus on the true objectives of broad policies aimed at long-term societal benefits should create the best foundation for long-term economic success. With rising geopolitical tensions, complex sanctions and increasingly fragmented markets, how can the marine insurance industry cooperate and stay true to those objectives?

Presenter: Rolf Thore Roppestad, Chief Executive Officer, Gard AS



Panel Discussion: Why Insure in Singapore?

This session, consisting of shipowners, brokers and insurers looks at what Singapore does best, as well as looking at what is happening in other global marine hubs. It has been reported that economies in the Asia-Pacific will dominate global growth in the coming year (S&P Global Market Intelligence). How well is the Singapore marine insurance market placed to fully take advantage of these favoured conditions?

Moderator: Ramachandran Radakrishnan, Head of Marine Asia, QBE

Panellists: Chris Coupland, Head of Marine, Singapore, Marsh

Colin Fordham, Director – Asia, Markel

Ju-Ann Lee, Head of Marine – Asia, Berkley Insurance Company

Bozidar Ljubisavljevic, Regional Marine Practice Leader, Howden Insurance Brokers (Turkey, the Middle East & Africa region)


Panel Discussion: How Recent Political Conflict and Sanctions are Changing the Marine Insurance Landscape

This session will discuss the current implications of global conflict and what lessons can be taken away from current events and applied to any potential conflict in the South China Sea and Korean subcontinent.

Moderator: Mabel Ng, Assistant Manager, Ed Broking

Panellists: Lars Lange, Secretary General, International Union of Marine Insurance

Nick Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, International Group of P&I Clubs

Mike Salthouse, Head of External Affairs, NorthStandard


Coffee and Networking in the Pre-Function Area


Fireside Chat: The True Cost of Claims

In this session, we take a couple of ‘mundane’ small claims and explore how they were handled, and what the final tally was. We explore whether the claims process could be improved and how to avoid too many of these small claims mounting up.

Presenter: Jeremy Maynard, Head of Marine Claims Asia, Marsh

Tan Hui Tsing, Partner, Advocate and Solicitor, DennisMathiew

Capt. Mathiew Christophe Rajoo, Partner, Advocate and Solicitor, DennisMathiew


Presentation: Fueling Future Ships

Ammonia is frequently mentioned as a possible future fuel for vessels along with several other options, including nuclear. However, there will still be plenty of vessels running on oil in Asian waters for many years to come. How will the insurance market approach rating for different fuel types?

Presenter: Taylor Wamberg, Regional Maritime Commercial Markets Manager – SAMEA, Lloyd’s Register

Mark Lee, Commercial Manager, Yara Clean Ammonia


Presentation: How Will Insurers React to the Recent Renewals?

January 2023 renewals proved to be one of the most challenging reinsurance markets the sector has experienced, as reinsurers and cedents worked to establish a new market equilibrium. Guy Carpenter would like to share our findings and what we might expect looking ahead.

Presenter: Nicholas Ng, Senior Vice President, Guy Carpenter


Fireside Chat: Going Green on Shipping Lanes

Increasing numbers of territories are looking at developing green corridors for vessels, including Singapore. This session asks how these will function and what it could mean for insurance of vessels that use them…or that can’t use them.

Participants: Line Dahle, Chief Customer Officer, Gard AS

Professor Lynn Loo, Chief Executive Officer,  Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation


Lunch in the Pre-Function Area


STREAM I: Moor and Morrison



Presentation: Reducing Emergency Response and Wreck Removal Costs

Presentation: Successful Leadership in a Digital World


Knowledgeable and efficient emergency response is key when a casualty occurs. One of the recurring questions with these cases is whether the expenses incurred needed to be as high as they were. The same question comes up when we look at wreck removals. We will present some case studies and address the difficulties that can arise, and how one can try to reduce costs as much as possible, without reducing quality and the end result.

Digital leadership is the new buzz. What does it take to be a great leader in this new, digital era? To bring together the best from your organisation with top (digital) innovative tools? What can we, as leaders in the insurance industry, learn from the past to build a successful organisation in the future? 


Presenter: Kajal Purohit, Director – India, Marine Masters

Presenter: Ronny Reppe, Chief Executive Officer, Noria


Panel Discussion: Ablaze at Sea!

Panel Discussion: Pushing the Limits?

According to the Allianz Safety & Shipping Review, there were 54 total losses in 2022 compared with 65 in 2021 against a backdrop of a 57% decline over the last 10 years. However, fires on large vessels remain a major concern, with the cause regularly being attributed to lithium batteries and undeclared dangerous cargo. What can insurers do to mitigate their risks, or is it simply out of their hands?

The strategic rationale for this panel session is that in Asia, whether it’s logistics operators, ports or shipyards, insureds typically buy limits well below most of the rest of the world (or not all). The reason is often said to be that Asia is less litigious, and liabilities policies are more about meeting contractual requirements than anything else. This panel will consider whether Asian insureds should perhaps be thinking about purchasing higher limits and whether the picture might change as clients in Asia become increasingly affected by international factors and involved with new operating environments, partners, investments and social pressures.

Moderator: Alexander Gray, Head of Marine P&I, Lockton Singapore

Panellists: Laurence Biard, Senior Claims Specialist – Hull, Asia Pacific, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Jacob Damgaard, Associate Director Loss Prevention, Britannia P&I

Ajay Sadana, Head of Department, Marine Hull, Cargo and Energy, India International Insurance Singapore

Moderator: Paul Hackett, Head of Short Tail, APAC and MENA, Canopius

Panellists: Elisabeth Baker, Head of Ports and Terminals and Marine Liabilities, Asia, Aon

Alicia Leong, Marine Liability Underwriter, Munich Re Syndicate Singapore

Harry Taylor, Head of Marine Singapore, Zurich

Prakaash Silvam, Partner, Oon & Bazul LLP


Coffee and Networking in the Pre-Function Area


Presentation: When Your Engine Room Turns into a Swimming Pool

Presentation: Liquefaction, From Instruction to Resolution – A Material Girl’s Point of View

Water ingress in a ship’s engine room can be a major source of damage and disruption. It causes serious damage to the engine, machinery and equipment, leading to costly repairs and downtime. Learn how to take the necessary steps to mitigate the damage and minimise the time taken for repairs.

A forensic investigator from a materials engineering background discusses how to get the best out of your expert in the management of Group A cargoes, taking into consideration the responsibility we have to ensure the safety of lives at sea, not to mention adherence to the expert’s code of conduct.

Presenter: Guido Gavio, Asia Complex Loss Director, BELFOR Restoration Services

Presenter: Dr. Sophie Parsons, Principal Associate, Hawkins & Associates


Presentation: Engine Room Damage Assessment Following Fire

Presentation: Crew Claims and Supporting Seafarers

The importance of engine room damage assessment and contamination mapping is critical following an engine room fire, as the need and drive to return the vessel to service is normally very strong. Contamination is often underestimated and, if not addressed early, can cause significant ongoing problems when the vessel is returned to service. Therefore, it is important to rapidly determine the amount of damage and the level and spread of fire-generated contamination present so that reinstatement efforts focus on both what is damaged and what is contaminated.

The aftermath of Covid has left the marine workforce dilapidated, with a lot of seasoned talent seeking non-marine professions. This, coupled with the trauma many seafarers have found themselves saddled with, has raised questions about the working culture prevalent on vessels. With this evidenced by an upswing in crew illness/injury incidents, how can insurers contribute towards improving seafarers’ wellbeing?

Presenter: Bruce Swales, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Envista Forensics

Presenter: Capt. Hari Subramaniam, Regional Head – Business Relations, Shipowners’ Club


Panel Discussion: What’s the Future for Salvage?

Panel Discussion: Nurdling Along – Cleaning Up New Forms of Pollution

Last year, Lloyd’s decided in favour of keeping the Lloyds Arbitration Branch, but what does that mean for the future of LOF in Asia. In this session, we examine the relevance of LOF in an Asian context and ask what the impact of a decrease in use of LOF would be.


New forms of pollution are clogging up the sea waters across the world, with plastic nurdles among those causing the greatest concern. This session addresses the challenges of collecting this tiny debris, and asks whether the insurance market is keeping up to speed with the changing nature of debris.

Moderator: Capt. John Silberberg, Consultant Master Mariner, TMC Marine

Panellists: Surani de Mel, Head of Claims – Singapore, Shipowners’ Club 

Leif Olav Sætenes, Senior Vice President – Marine Claims Bergen, Norwegian Hull Club

Anuj Sahai, Managing Director, T&T Salvage Asia – Singapore

Moderator: Dimitris Seirinakis, Managing Director, Shanghai Office, The American P&I Club

Panellists: David Campion, Senior Technical Advisor, ITOPF

Darren Waterman, Regional Director Asia Pacific, Oil Spill Response

Suzanne Byrne, Group Claims Director, West of England P&I Club


Closing Remarks: Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Closing Drinks Reception – Pre-Function Area

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